Our Businesses

We have the assets, qualifications, skills, adaptability, heritage, business base and the proactive thinking to ensure our region will deliver.

Our business friendly environment combined with our strong economic vision for growth and prosperity, creates a proposition that blends infrastructure, talent, technology and lifestyle to attract new investments to enhance the local, vibrant, indigenous business sector.

Our focus is on:

Enterprise & Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Employment Skills, Infrastructure and Inclusion & Wellbeing

Mid and East Antrim has a diverse business demography.

  • almost 30% of the businesses are in the agri-food sector
  • 20% in construction and manufacturing
  • 12% in accommodation & 8% retail

GVA Per Sector

In 2018 GVA in Mid & East Antrim was £3.3bn this was largely driven by strong performance in Manufacturing (£1.4bn) and the service sector (£1.6bn).

In addition, there have been increases in the GVA in the Agri-Food Sector and Wholesale & Retail sectors which are key sectors to the economy of Mid & East Antrim. There was a small decrease in construction GVA, however this was largely due to a sluggish construction sector across NI and the UK.

The region also has growing professional, digital/ICT and creative industries sectors, the latter as a result of the Game of Thrones link. Our strength is the ability and enthusiasm we hold to support and promote industry sectors of any scope, who wish to locate in our Borough.

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