The capability of the people in Mid and East Antrim form a well-educated, highly productive and loyal workforce, who are resilient and able to deal with an ever-evolving industry.

CEO of Caterpillar NI

Products & Services

Operating on a global scale, Caterpillar manufacture a range of generating sets, both open and enclosed, ranging in power from 6.8 to 2,200 Kilo-volt-amperes, to a wide customer base.

Caterpillar provide both prime and standby power for use in domestic and industrial situations, with full capacity to standalone and supply electricity to national grids.

SMART Manufacturing

Caterpillar are now piloting approaches to improve productivity and efficiency, including the use of drones for stock taking operations, predictive maintenance utilising more of the data gathered, driverless forklift trucks; and additional cutting-edge technologies to reduce waste and adapt to SMART manufacturing.

Caterpillar works in collaboration with the Northern Regional College in Ballymena to secure the talent pipeline for the business. NRC has developed numerous training courses

Skills & Workforce

“It is critical that we have a strong pipeline of talent, which is just one of the key assets that Mid and East Antrim Borough Council provide. Alongside, excellent road, sea and air connections; vital for our global markets, the main selling point is the people. With a highly productive workforce, the people are ready and resilient to deal with an ever-changing environment. Not to mention our involvement with MEA’s Manufacturing Task Force, an initiative set up to encourage company collaboration and revive manufacturing.” CEO of Caterpillar NI.

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