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Products & Services

Moore Concrete is one of Northern Ireland’s leading concrete product suppliers.

Over 40 years of experience has led to products being used in key infrastructure projects across the UK and Ireland including:

  • Sunderland New Wear Bridge
  • Bromley Heath Viaduct
  • BEBO Arch at Heysham Bypass
  • Holmes Chapel Viaduct

SMART Manufacturing

Moore Concrete have invested £2m in expanding their manufacturing facilities since 2012, allowing them to secure a number of larger scale contracts, particularly within the transport and marine sectors.

Moore Concrete have invested in new smart construction materials including ECOncrete – a technology which provides sustainable solutions for the construction of ecologically active infrastructure, in the coastal, marine and freshwater environments as well as urban environments.

Locating in Mid and East Antrim

“Mid and East Antrim provides us with a fantastic location for doing business.
Our products require significant logistics support and having excellent roads alongside access to the Port of Larne makes our business able to compete for projects in Great Britain.

We are also benefiting from the loyal skilled workforce which have traditional roots in the construction sector.”

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council Now is the time - Embrace the opportunity