It is encouraging that Mid and East Antrim Borough Council's economic development strategy is diversifying from traditional sectors as it aims to place greater emphasis on digital services.

Sean McAllistair, CEO

Products & Services

PlotBox is a cloud based bereavement services management solution that facilitates crematoria and cemeteries to operate to world class standards. PlotBox provide multiple solutions:

  • Records Management – bringing all deceased records together into a quickly searchable database.
  • Deeds Management – keeping track of grave owners
  • Plot Management – increasing visibility with interactive maps of plot inventory.

SMART Manufacturing

Such is the success of the unique package from PlotBox that they have expanded their business and now have three offices in the USA (Boston, Austin and San Francisco) and more recently they have opened an office in Sydney, Australia.

In July 2019, PlotBox secured the contract to implement the digital transformation and mapping of the largest cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere, Rookwood Cemetery in Australia.

“We’re really pleased with the system as it stands now! We’ve already migrated 2.8 million records to the new system, and have mapped out 80% of the cemetery with drones.” George Simpson, CEO Rookwood Cemetery.

Locating in Mid and East Antrim

Sean and Leona McAllister, CEO and CCO of PlotBox believe strongly that their physical location is a key selling point for their staff.  They feel that they are in an ideal location for those who don’t want to travel to Belfast.

“It’s important to us that our employees can thrive in an environment that also allows them to balance their personal lives. We are offering an opportunity to work in the digital sector, but not have to worry about a city centre commute. It’s a win-win situation” CCO, Leona McAllister

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